Advisory Board Members (Խորհրդատվական խորհրդի անդամներ)

Armen Saginian

"Registered Professional Engineer, State of California, Who Is Who in California 1983, Who Is Who in the West 1987-8, Who Is Who in Hell 2000. Declared Eupraxopher/Ambassador of Center for Inquiry – Transnational 2005.

Born in Tabriz, Iran, February 2, 1933. Elementary and secondary education in Iran. Entered United States in 1955, married with two grown sons.Home address: 420 N. Louise St. #21, Glendale CA, 91206Office Address: 420 N. Louise St. #21, Glendale CA, 91206Tel. 818-254-6396, e-mails:  &

Higher Education:
Maryville College, Maryville Tennessee, Mathematics, 1955-1958.University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, Mechanical Engineering, 1959-1961.University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Business Management, 1968-1972.

Work Experience:
Boeing Co., Seattle Washington, Engineer, Aircrafts, 1961-1963.General Dynamics, Astronautics, Engineer, San Diego California, Saturn Jet Engines, 1963-1964.North American Aviation, Rocketdyne, Engineer, Van Nuys, California, Appolo Rockets, 1964-1965.Garrett/AirResearch, Los Angeles, California, Engineer, System Effectiveness, 1865-1974.Garrett/International, Tehran, Iran,Managing Director, Renovation of 66,000 villages, 1975-1978.*Garrett/AirResearch, Torrance, California, Management, Nuclear Enrichment, 1979-1985.

*In 1975 entered Iran with own program to renovate 66,000 Iranian villages, and transform them from a dark-ages setting to the 20th century.Assembled seven Iranian Ministries of: Finance, Urban Development, Agriculture, Water and Power, Health, Education, Industries and Mines, Nine Iranian Industrial Corporations, one American International Corporation, one Japanese International Corporation, one British International Corporation, and one German Corporation into a conglomerate to undertake a ten years' project with $35 billion (1978 dollars) budget, out of which $10 billion was underwritten by the Iranian National Oil Company to be paid in the course of ten years and the rest was to be provided from the sale of products to be produced by the conglomerate.
Contract was to be signed on November 12th 1978, and Iranian Revolution put an end to that project.


Sohrab ChamanAra
Was born in Kermanshah, Iran in1947 and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of London, Queen Merry College in 1969.
After four years military service working as engineer at Esfahan Steel Plant and fifteen years working as an electrical and instrument contractor in Iran, he immigrated to the United States.
In the US, ChamanAra started working as an electrical technician in a crane manufacturing facility and then employed by UOP, the world's largest process technology company as a Senior Design Engineer in 1989.
At UOP he was Project Manager of two petrochemical plants at Esfahan and half a dozen other countries.
After leaving UOP, he registered and founded CHAMCO in 1994 at the address of the Mid-America Committee; 150 North Michigan Ave. #2910, Chicago, Illinois.
At November 1998 with help of Tom Miner, after informing the US Government took a delegation of eighteen Americans from 13 Fortune Five Hundred US Companies to Iran.
Until 2004, CHAMCO activities were more in the petrochemical industries.
Since then, CHAMCO's core business, among environmental projects, is turning Municipal Solid Waste into electricity: 
ChamanAra’s dream for the future is to create a town in the U.S. and naming it Iran:
All the ten books written by ChamanAra have one purpose for the change of Constitution in Iran by reviving the Iranian identities, which have been diminished in past three decades.
For expressing this political view with many of his friends has published these website:
He has written eleven books, mostly about Iran. These books can be downloaded for free from his website: